Measure2D® is the Software utility program that provides a direct connection to your Keyence TM-3000 2D Optical Micrometer Measurement System. The Software provides all the functions that the User requires when using the Keyence measurement system in a Manufacturing and/or Quality lab environment.


Measure2D® provides the following basic functions:

  • Directly imports the Keyence TM-3000 controller program (PRS files) in order to create a measurement Test Profile. Multiple Test Profiles may be created from a single PRS File and Multiple orientation/measurement positions may be included in a Test Profile. This multi-position measurement capability is not available with the Keyence software.

  • Run Time: Execute sequential (multiple) test measurements orientations including a “Graphic” Help Image to direct measurement orientation.

  • Run Time: Statistical Analysis of measurements (mean, min, max, standard deviation, covariance, and CPK)

  • Run Time: Assignment of unique Measurement Lot Number with the date/time stamp of when the measurement was obtained
  • Run Time: Automatic direct exporting/saving of measurement data to Microsoft Excel in “Ready to Print” Format == xlsx format. The Software has the capability of exporting over 1,000,000 data measurements directly to Microsoft Excel which far exceeds the Keyence TM-H1 limit of 65,535.

For more information with regards to ordering the Software please see the [CONTACT US] page on this website.

For a brief video presentation of the product please see our Measure2D® Youtube video.