Our MSpecify® for Measure2D® utility program seamlessly imports the required information from the Keyence TM-3000 PRS (configuration) file into Measure2D®. The Software imports the following items:

  • Program Names

  • Output Names

  • Measurement Type

  • Upper Specification Limit(s)

  • Lower Specification Limit(s)

  • Number of Averages for each Output

This utility program allows the user to quickly create one or more multiple Test Profiles from the PRS profile that is loaded into the Keyence TM-3000 unit. The utility program also includes an Export to Excel function so that the Test Profile may be summarized/saved externally for review by the User external to the utility program.

Our Test Profile builder program allows the User to easily upload and integrate in Help Images as part of the Test Profile. These Help Images are displayed to the User during the Measurement process to ensure that proper measurement process is executed.