The Keyence TM-3000 2D Optical Micrometer Measurement System has the hardware capability of measuring multiple (simultaneously) outer diameters and step measurements of your designated part of interest.


The Measure2D® Software provides functions that are not available in the standard Keyence TM-H1 software.

  • The Software provides the unique ability to manage automatic program switching as well as the ability to measure the part in multiple orientations before providing a PASS or FAIL designation.
  • The Software [Export to Excel] function is automatically built into the measurement process (direct support for xlsx format) and the measurement data is automatically saved. The exported dataset format includes date/time stamp, unique measurement number, Program/Output Index, measured value, upper/lower tolerance, and PASS/FAIL designation.
  • Finally, the Software provides a statistical analysis of each measured item (mean, standard deviation, min, max, and CPK).

Our own company’s manufacturing team utilizes the Measure2D® Software when inspecting/verifying parts for our MCerberus® Hardware monitoring system.


NOTE: The use of any and all trademarked names (i.e. Keyence, Excel, and as applicable) are utilized under the “Fair Use” and/or “Collateral Use” trademark doctrines. Our Software was developed independently of Keyence and we have no official business relationship w the Keyence Corporation.